New Arrivals

Picture of Daylight Saving Chair
Daylight Saving Chair
Chair essentials - elevation and support - are explored in solid wood and string in the Daylight Saving Seating Collection by Henry Sun, a chair, low chair, and stool, in solid beech, presenting fluid lines and meticulous joinery.
Picture of Log Table
Log Table
Designed for a surf shop, the Log table contains the codes of surfboard design. The four solid wood legs are fixed to the central wood strip.
Picture of SuperDuper Hats
SuperDuper Hats
Every SuperDuper hat born thanks to several hours spent to transform high quality raw material into an authentic handcraft product.
Picture of Trapped Batman
Trapped Batman
Trapped Batman no.2' (2013) oil & alkyd on wood 30x30cm.
Picture of I Never Finish Anyth
I Never Finish Anyth
Because we can never finish anyth...
Picture of Laptop Bag
Laptop Bag
Leather laptop bag.
Picture of Mood Lighting
Mood Lighting
Lighten up! It's time to put some personality into your boring old light switches.
Picture of Paper Bird Mobile Kit
Paper Bird Mobile Kit
This easy to assemble bird mobile will look beautitful any child's room.

Design Inspiration

Picture of Nomadic Light
Nomadic Light
Nomadic light is an approach to create a companion in the flux of domestic consistency. The three lights form a family of objects that adapt to the changing needs of illumination within the home.
Picture of Deck
Two brands, one commitment - deliver incredible music experiences to everyone. DECK fuses the sound and style of SOL REPUBLIC with the cutting-edge technology of Motorola.
Picture of Harvey Grows
Harvey Grows
The Harvey Grows SuperBag is designed to contain an optimal amount of soil per plant. Add some potting mix, some seeds or cutting and the Super®Bag will be on its way to supply you with your own fresh veggies, herbs or fruit.
Picture of Pinball
Pinball is a silicone molded, pushpin storage accessory. This product is a clever way to hold and pin up your work on a cork-board.
Picture of Blumatic
Fetish hanger Blumatic consists of a used bicycle handle bar, stem and saddle mounted on a 21mm oval wood plate.
Picture of Door Slammers
Door Slammers
Door Slammers celebrates the dragster – vehicles known for harmonising their raw power with a vibrancy of colour.
Picture of MacBook Wood Skin
MacBook Wood Skin
Made out of Walnut wood, each wooden skin is individually selected for unique grain and quality. Laser cut, hand sanded, and finished in our Minneapolis workshop with the highest attention to detail and workmanship.
Picture of Woodchuck Tribal Case
Woodchuck Tribal Case
Made out of Mahogany, Birch, Rosewood, and Recycled Plastic. Each Adventure Case is individually selected for unique grain and quality.
Picture of Clothes Rail
Clothes Rail
This clothes rail is using the wall as a support. The minimum amount of material is used to create a light but solid construction.
Picture of Graft
Graft is a series of disposable tableware made of bioplastic PLA revealing its sources materials - the plants. Texture and form in nature autonomously exist with a function that can be utilized for another purpose.
Picture of Reflected Light
Reflected Light
This is a version of the Colour Wheel I created for Puilk-Art. The designer wanted to create a lamp that could change the colour of te light in a analogue and understandable way.
Picture of Sunset
Sunset comes from observation of the undisputed protagonist of each workspace: the Post-it. Using its 76×76 mm module as the basis of this design.
Picture of ArchitectMade BIRDs
ArchitectMade BIRDs
Each BIRD is handmade by a small wood turning company in Denmark using only high quality smoked and natural oak wood.
Picture of Desktructure Desktop Organizer
Desktructure Desktop Organizer
This charming collection of porcelain containers is shaped to look like a post-industrial urban neighborhood of warehouses and factories, along with a high-rise condo or two.
Picture of Bouclé
The collection of Bouclè Cushions is characterized by the round corners and amazing fabrics. A three-dimensional design.